May 25, 2009

Lisa Walker at Galerie Caroline Van Hoek

Lisa Walker


You said “groceries” ? Hidden in the midst of the contemporary art gallery area in Brussels, you will find a place that used to be a small grocery store packed from top to bottom with goodies.
A very sweet little Turkish man, Mr. Er, would help you pick the best tomatoes or keep a fresh arrival for you at the back.
Today the façade is still exactly the same but the interior has been harmoniously transformed by Glenn Sestig Architects, full of lavish suede drawers hiding little delicacies.
It is now Caroline Van Hoek who helps you pick the nicest creations from her choice of artists.
The specialty of the house are lots of wood, leather, ceramics, bone, textile, corian, etc. with a dash of gold or silver and a sparkle of precious stones, combined with fine seasonal ingredients.
Some are for every day taste, like big juicy energizing oranges ! Some others are for a very special occasion like delicate truffles. Some others are just for the pleasure of the eyes like a colorful exotic fruit. In any case, forget minimalistic, think fantastic and enter the most jewellicious grocery store in the world !

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