May 8, 2009

Arne Quinze

The Sequence is a monumental public sculpture designed by Belgian artist and designer Arne Quinze. The artistic intervention located in the heart of Brussels is made from wood and concrete connecting the Flemish Parliament to the House of Representatives physically and symbolically. Acting as a bridge between the public and the government neighbors, it promotes urban interaction and communication.

Quinze: “THE SEQUENCE bridges the communication gap between people and generates movement in the city. I want to reconnect people and let them interact with each other like they did in the past on squares. At least people talked to each other then.” Therefore concrete elements serve as the basis for the sculpture. It gives people a moment to reset their minds and think about what’s going on in those two buildings. The physical connection between neighbors, the Flemish Parliament and the House of Flemish Representatives reflects the possible connection between all neighbors in Brussels. Cross-culture connections, a connection with Europe, its diversity and entity.


ana maria vicens said...

qué buen comienzo!!!
Un abrazo

montserrat lacomba said...

It's impressive!

paula lindblom said...

I took some of you pics into my blog… Just to show others but also add your “new” address to my blog.
I think you will love the city and I’m happy for you, it seems that you enjoy life!
May be I can visit you some day, would be great!

Take care and keep up the good work!

With love and thoughts Paula.

Marta Miguel Martínez-Soria said...

Thanks Paula for your love
Yes I hope to see you here with montserrat one day ok?
And go to take a praline chocolate and listen jazz music.

Enjoy this summer together.

Best regards and keep in touch.


Magalí said...

Muy estimulante e interesante!!
Felicidades y mejores deseos para vuestra nueva ciudad!

Gracias por las imágenes,